Sunday, 12 January 2014

#Xmas...The Aftermath

 With all things festive now feeling like a distant memory, on the most part dreading January’s credit card bill whilst longing for pay day which seems too far away. The Christmas decorations have been boxed up and stashed away.

As a nation we sure know how to harness festivities and seem to want to indulge in activities that we wouldn’t necessarily associate with any other time of year, even spending plenty of hard earned pennies in the process. The perfect examples of this here in the capital would be the juggernaught Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park which serves up an absolute feast of festivities and glorious Ice Rinks Popping up everywhere there might be a view.

The appropriately named Winter Wonderland offers the absolute crème de la crème of festively themed fairground rides, crafty shacks, all the German sausages you could dream of, a brilliant Bavarian Party Centre, two varieties of circus, textbook Ice Rinks & potentially the crown jewel the Ice Palace. Yet what really impresses from this festive fantasy its sheer tenacity in regards to Theming and its mammoth stature and size. Without exaggerating for those who’ve not been its HUGE!

If you’re quick you may still catch a cosy ice skate yet most are melting fast. Over the festive period we’ve seen these chaps cropping up in all sorts of locations; Natural History Museum, Van Hage, London Eye, Tower of London, Somerset House, Canary Wharf, and that’s just within a 25 mile radius of my humble abode Click here to see more.

Which got me wondering is there a Christmas switch in out heads that forces us to get involved with such spectacles. Or if said venues and attractions were take away their Christmas trimmings (Massive Santa’s) would we still indulge in a scenic skate down by the river on summers evening whilst sipping a cocktail? Would we enjoy an absolute stein of Bavarian Beer if an Oompah Band were conducting rip roaring knees up! As explored in our blogs previously surely all we truly need is an excuse to have a good time! Being industry insiders we are only too aware of the financial implications of such a concept, yet has such talk got worth, get in touch and let us know.

Happy New Year and have a great 2014 filth bags!

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