Monday, 4 November 2013

Remember Remember…

“Remember remember, the 5th of November…Gunpowder, treason and plot.”

 The iconic tagline signifying one of the biggest British national celebrations in the calendar year, with the most terrifying and true of back-stories. The real root cause of such celebrations, a failed terrorist attack which if completed would have brought the country to its knee’s. Once more the combination of the British psyche, sense of grand reserve mixed with a wonderful sense of occasion, pomp and ceremony has resulted in one of two occasions throughout the year where the explosions of fireworks are permitted. Barmy yet brilliant British logic at its finest!

The 2005 blockbuster ‘V for Vendetta’ which cast a futuristic spin on the tale of Guy Fawkes giving the tale a new lease of life backed with a Hollywood budget and exposure. With the main character donning the mask of Guy Fawkes in his battle against political oppression and corruption, leading to the mask taking on a pop culture status adopted by many political demonstrators throughout Europe. Same story, same concept just fresh impetus.

 How normal is once a year coming together in our hundreds to huddle around a huge and only slightly safe bon fire burning a so called icon’s scarecrow reincarnation, whilst we terrify pets across the nation with thousands of pounds worth of explosives shot into our skies?

 Brilliantly as strange is the Mexican celebration of the ‘Day of the Dead’ where the passing of souls is celebrated with a very eerie style of parade, carnival and costume. Now not only contained to Mexico, the style of this creepy celebration has provided an excellent Theming opportunity for all events professionals, that is of course in a similar fashion if you ignore its purpose to remember the passing of loved ones!

 This of course is not the only example of our apparent quirky relationship with fear and happiness. Consider most universal traditional children’s stories, especially nursery rhymes! Stories such as Hansel & Gretel which are fundamentally based on the capturing, entrapment even torturing of children.  With a hearty dose of witchcraft not to mention murder to finish off. Yet for decades parents have used these as bedtime stories?
Ultimately, as we all know and love, all we really need to have a right old knee’s up is an excuse, regardless of how historically significant or correct that excuse may, lets just celebrate!

HEALTH WARNING; unless you’re crazy and a slightly dopey footballer, DO NOT SET FIREWORKS OFF IN THE BATHROOM!



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