Friday, 4 April 2014

Festival Fever

It’s that time of year again, as the days begin to get longer and lighter, our thoughts start to turn to summer, its festival announcement time! Most of our favourite festivals large and small from the heavy metal to the wonderfully mad over the next few weeks will be strategically adding to their performance line up’s!

In a fiercely competitive, heavily populated and diverse UK market much is made of these initial announcements. Many of our long standing festivals have a loyal and regular following that are bound to gleefully attend, yet this is the period where those unsure on which festival to attend are swayed by the announcements of the Headliners. Reportedly they are now just over 600 outdoor summer festivals ranging in scale, theme, genre and demographic all taking place with the same space of four months! An absolutely astonishing figure for a notoriously unreliable summer such as ours!

So just how do those who know the type of music they love and the type of experience they’d want to spend considerable pennies on decide which to book their tickets for! The experience starts from these excitable announcements of headlining acts, then the interested party most likely checks the website – here the battle is won or lost. The website itself must officially start and state the party whilst embodying everything that the entire festival stands for. Easy right? Perhaps the finest example of this being; The next level is that interested individual ‘joining’ the party via the mediums of all things social media, again if the content, artwork and information appeals then it’s likely you’ve gained an attendee!

So which Festival headliners have caught your interest so far, which festival websites capture your imaginations and most importantly have you got your wellies, rain Mac and sun cream…maybe too early!

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