Sunday, 8 September 2013

Tales of ‘Cirque Berserk’ Theming

Roll Up! Roll Up! Roll Up!

 The Theming trend of the year has caravanned its way into town, or at least to an event near you… followed by an array of beasts, freaks and  right royal Ring Leaders.

It’s the Circus!

Since its arrival into Britain the Circus has long been held close to our hearts, perhaps sometimes for the most questionable of reasons, those Victorians were a curious bunch! Even to a stretched sense in current ‘civilised’ nations such as the Uk we still love to gawp and poke a psychological stick at those who are different or even gifted. Immediately echoed within the events industry, where at present Circus themed events, playing on the Retro Revival are all the rage, without a clown in sight!

 A theme which allows an Events organizer oodles of creative scope, from aesthetics to activities, not to mention the performers! It would appear we’re not alone in our love of the old fashioned Big Top.

Cirque Du Soleil now operates a worldwide franchise complete with the Elvis Presley and Jackson estates collaborating to tell stories of stars we know so well, through specialist circus performance. All re-designed to take audience members on a journey through a narrative almost to the extreme of forgetting you are indeed witnessing a Circus performance. Something as an experiential events provider we strive to offer such high levels of escapism through all of our themed events.


Other experiential examples of this apparent Cirque Craze being offered by the UK’s healthier than ever Festival Industry, no matter the audience whether families or creative’n’cultured types the added element of Circus always seems to please. This years Standon Calling has entirely adopted the lure of this vintage arty entertainment form. It’s fantastic to see like minded forwards thinking within the local industry engaging our local community here in Hertfordshire.


If Circus appeals then also check out London’s Southbank where the Wondergroud Festival is now fully underway, with shows ranging from Canadian Lumberjacks to a traditional Parisian Burlesque knee’s up! Something for the clown or contortionist locked away in each of us.

For whatever reason the Victorian sense of intrigue continues to resonate within both the current events marketplace and British psyche. Industry wide we can all only admire and hope to emulate as a company the circus’s ability to adapt to its audiences needs, changes in legislation, flexibility to reinvent & diversify in order to continuously pack out venues through the ages.


However, one aspect still entirely up for debate being clowns, funny or just creepy? Either way I ruddy loves em!

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