Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Olympic Parks Pop Up Legacy

Firstly dear readers I realise as ever I’ve been an absolute hound on all sorts of frightful fronts! Firstly I’ve only gaawn and bleedin’ swapped shires for summer! Devonshire for Hertfordshire & very plan to continue to pester both! So some entries may be SLIGHTLY less Devonian focused. Secondly I’ve been an as absent as Rolf Harris to children’s television…apologies a situation I plan on resurrecting, no…not Rolf.

In recent times I’ve seen an awful amount of interest in all things ‘Pop-Up’. Whether it be exhibition stands, high impact promotional instillations or promotional ‘Pop-Up’ shops offering the latest products.


Following the success and positivity of last summers Olympics Londoners have a new exciting and dynamic outdoor event space…The Chuffing Olympic Park! A fresh ‘Popped-Up’ Festival Site. Harnessing the nation’s feel good factor following Olympic glory the park has already played host to an array of outdoor cultural events, ranging from the Open East Festival to the Wireless Festival.  

The sheer scale of the project does impress; amongst the on-going renovation works, you’ll find a festival field you’d never expect, complete with swing ball arenas, cultured catering, multiple stages and a chunk of astro turf to play host to over 70,000 bottoms of all sorts of sizes without feeling squished…no mean feat! 

Having recently attended an epic Gentlemen of the Road record label Gig at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, containing some musical chaps you may have heard of Mumford & Sons, Vampire Weekend & Ben Howard. This heady hedonistic heaven got me thinking…


 So far, the immediate Olympic legacy has been most enjoyable, with the diverse nature of the Park’s Event calendar perhaps the most pleasant surprise. Yet, the best bit of the lot! Is the fact that this ‘Pop-Up’ perfect festival ground is wham bam in the middle of London’s east end bringing exciting arts programmes to the masses, a green playground which really shouldn’t be. Here lies the nation’s fascination and long may it continue!

Keep your eyes peeled for more thought provoking ‘Pop Ups’ as the trend continues to sweep the industry & nation.


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