Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Festivals Enhancing Experiential Value

Festival goers now seek that added value, the Wow Factor! Usually through the tantalising aspect of Theming, I’m a chuffing sucker for a hearty slice of themed cake…any chance to dress up & ‘act up’.

 To truly stand out in an already saturated summer music festival market, we’ve noticed the great efforts festival organisers nationwide are making to distinguish their events, whether by creating a niche for themselves or specializing in the wacky and wonderful. We’re huge admirers of the work these guys are doing, by creating experience that are memorable and special to keep ‘goers’ buzzing until the following year’s efforts. With such high experiential levels achieved, then consider the marketing campaign somewhat nailed.

Two Festivals this summer I’ve spotted are; The Playgroup Festival & The Boomtown Fair. (Follow Links for further amazement)


 The Playgroup was born from the quirky stirrings of Event Organisers in Brighton, staged in a secret Sussex location; attendee’s are grouped into tribes of toys, picked up and camped separately. Ranging from Toy Soldiers to Dinosaurs... even Barbie’s! Brilliantly the tribes are then pitted against each in a series of Playgroup challenges throughout. Whilst the ‘kool kidz’ from Brighton’s diverse music scenes entertain the lavishly dressed crowd. In a ludicrous lovely nutty-shell, every creative and experiential aspect of a summer festival has been absolutely amplified for the benefit of all fans of nostalgic fun.
Anybody partial to all things bonkers’n’brilliant from in and around Bristol will, know and love The Boomtown Fair. Think… Mad Max, think… fun loving zombies, think… the best futuristic apocalyptic world you’d ever want to imagine & BOOM! You’ve arrived at the Boomtown Fair. In a world where a bombed out Tesco’s Store becomes a Jazz Club, Inflatable Churches with Spaceman Pastors officiate legal weddings. Boomtown allows its attendee’s to utterly escape to the best rubbish future time travel, just for three days!


Sure, most festivals have SOME quirky factors/ areas, yet these guys can truly be considered the Pioneers upon principle of Perplexing themed events, Experts of festival Escapism, experiential offerings to the Extreme.

Long let the festival industries continue to take us away to worlds we could only dream of. Escapism is something we all seek from the events we choose to attend, if through our festivals we’re enabled to become futuristic zombie pirates for the weekend, let the experiential escapades continue! 

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