Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Devonian Festivals All Up in Your Face!

Devonian Festivals all up in your festi-face

Hey fun chimps!

Here I am to fling some absolute laugh turds your way…metaphorically, of course.

This latest instalment has the filthy theme of festivals of a Devon based nature running throughout its core.

Firstly one must declare that one’s retched self-spent the duration of these modern excuses for casual flannel-esque weekends of false hedonism…as a market trader! Like an absolute sell out, sure, I’m going to plug away here…especially after freshly launching the new website…for all of the knowledge you seek punch in www.figureitoutphotography.co.uk or punch the chuffer into facebook.

Plymouth Volksfest, a tantalising tasty little festivals based on the notion of life on the road in some sort of variation of Volkswagen automobile…yet the festival however could almost do with its name changing to Plymouth People with a Limited Wallet & Vocabulary Fest. Although boasting quite the dreamy musical line up including Blog favourite (may have excitedly informed you of before) Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer!!! Mad Dog McCrae…Sure. Countless others relative South West music scene ‘Names’ finely crafting their sounds and skills to highly intoxicated yet appreciative audience.

A strangely enjoyable weekend was had by team Figure It Out! Photography once the ropiest fair weather only Marquee £50 smackers on eBay with free delivery can buy a young rascal had been bodge jobbed to an absolute art form. On a final count of 27 attempts ranging from physically attaching a guide rope to neighbouring traders key cutting van to utilizing skills from boy scouts i.e. gaffer taping sturdy sticks onto flaky metal shearing with every breeze. Oh not to mention picketing an entire fence as an anchor…Pppbah!

Onto LemonFest…oh Lemonfest, my little piece of summer perfection what a dream you truly were. After binning the nosher of a Marquee for a weather hardened Transit, instantly adopting the feel of being the long lost love child of Derek trotter, a largely unavoidable consequence of selling stuff from/around a van. Again perfect Devonian sunshine washed over us like summer which was actually longer than a Tuesday afternoon! With some absolute musical finds coming in the delectable shapes and forms of Ekul’s House, Owen Penrice & The Kingskins not to mention the fittest and most adorable ginger topped acoustic female on the planet Lucy Rose, on voice alone, she’d be able to launch a freshly creamed turd into an audience… and nobody would move a muscle purely transfixed almost paralysed by harmonic brilliance.

Another noteworthy mention going to that of the sheer existence of Vimto Candy Sprays which instantly mug your brain right off thinking thirst has been clenched yet only providing a largely sugar based coating of the tongue.

Finally… you can almost relax, Devon I’d like to congratulate you on your ever growing list of incredible summer festivals, celebrating & gatherings of a joyous nature ranging in taste, style & scale…long may such organised summer vibed skull duggary continue.

Readers allow the festival season to touch you whether appropriately or not in the most sensual and spiritual of ways imaginable…whatever you choose to attend this summer….friggin’ enjoy it!

Huge thanks to the continuous support of A Kick Up The Arts without whom the above experiences simply would not have been.

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