Monday, 1 April 2013

It's Only Bleedin' Iron Fest!

Bloggers...bloggers, my beeeautiful blightful bloggers.

Please don't rise up against me......yet one is about to (actually for the first time) use this sacred Blogspot as a promotional/sales tool! I've inflicted a deep & infectious wound and i can only humbly hope you'll forgive me!?

Yet, my reasoning harnesses great excitement & should prove informative for all Iron Fest attendees or all those pondering..... what the rash is this Iron Fest!

IRON FEST... promises to be Exeter's best night of the far! That good! April 10th shall be ever tattooed & pierced into the membrane of it's attendees, for all of the right reasons.

A Strategically placed & calculated hype creating comic vibed, fan boy aimed, Film festival utterly dedicated to that absolute genius scallywag wild child Iron Man.

Whats involved you saaaay??? ...Red Carpet Arrival... Paparazzi Greeting (to include both local Press, Photographers & Radio)... Special Iron Man Arrival Cocktail... a naughty 20 minutes to Marvel (...little Joke?) at the absolute sexual & sensational special exhibits taking place; Vintage Motor.... Huy Treong - Superhero Sketching extraordinaire.... No Guts No Glory - Homemade Comics, Zines & Original Art pieces... Moving Pictures - Devon's Masters of Movie Memorabilia...TBClub - Alternative & Tattoo inspired T-Shirt Hero's... Figure It Out! Photography - A Retro, Nostalgic & Alternative Exhibit where old toys are the models.

The Cinematic Event that paved the way for all Superhero's to be edgy, sexy & filthily cool Iron Man 1 in all of its glorious technicolour !

With a film that punishingly good, you'll need not only physiological refreshments yet refreshments of the musical soul. Provided by South Devon's latest Best in show, Poster Child ! Musically making love directly to your lobes with an eclectic & hedonistic mix of originally produced tunes & an alternative take on some familiar tunes too!
 Not to mention the prize giving of competition winners (Best Dressed & Spotted - See Facebook page for full details), browsing of the delectable exhibits & wares... flippin' Photo Opportunities for Fun!

To return to the auditorium for Iron Man 2, another monumental journey into Tony Stark's brilliant yet bonkers brain & bizarre world.

After ALL of that... well Iron Fan's you will be left both wishing you were millionaires you had been forced to build a weapons suit to flee from a sweaty cave, orrrrrr simply chomping at the ruddy bit, waiting for what will seem like the longest fortnight in the world for the big release of Iron Man 3! The first post Avengers cinematic exploration.

Dress Code; All Things Iron Man.
Arrival Time 6:25 PM - April 10th.

Exeter... Your welcome! Devon... Your Welcome! Universe... i wish you well.

To buy your tickets Click Here!

For all the gossip, announcements,photo's & competitions Click Here! or Even Here!

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