Monday, 1 April 2013

Comic Conventions to West African Sounds of Heaven!

Riiight ya Bloggin' Blighters!

Very much the flavour of the month is all things Pow! Boom! Even Kapow! Can i hear a "Jeepers Batman!?"

Comic Conventions! These weird & wacky gatherings of all things Nerdy,underground & costumed capers have long been an area of the eventing world I've long desired to attend yet until now have not dabbled my dirty little mitts. Boy... I'm sure glad I've dabbled! In fact no longer shall one dabble yet utterly dive into this murky, socially awkward & slightly Body Odour smelling world, bloomin loves it!

Firstly along came February's Exeter Expo and my first venture into such strange animated waters, whilst exhibiting for promotional (reasons to be explained a little later) my immediate worry was my wallet, being an absolute Man-Child and being surrounded by Memorabilia, Comics, Art Prints & Toys from ALL of my favourite things... in my absolute chuffin' element! My eyes could barely contain themselves whilst my hands wanted to explore a whole host of wildly attractive items from Bat-a-rangs to frightfully costumed females, it was all too much! Unsurprisingly for regular readers, my souvenir from this delightful day was two Pin Up inspired naughty'n'nudey sketchbooks! They're not pervy... simply artistic!

Last summer, yours interestingly truly spent some time getting right filthy & mucky at the WOMAD Festival, performing a whole manner of duties, yet whilst Talent Spotting of a musical sort, my ears danced & withered with joy to the absolute cultural exchange/ collaboration of Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate. The mash up of Joe Driscoll's NYC vibes & acoustical twanging & occasional beat boxing lyrics wonderfully blended with the West African feel & sounds of Sekou Kouyate's magical fingers upon the most impossibly stringed instrument, the Kora left all with a sensation of being refreshed and musically cleansed against the actual summer sunshine blazing the fields of the sexual hippy gathering. So as you can imagine after spotting a sly ickle poster for an Exeter Gig, one had to sit down to hide obvious musical arousal (I'm aware I'm starting to sound like a sex pest hippy). The same songs performed to a similar audience- a tantalising mix of middle aged well to do, world music lovers & those who probably grew up in a greenhouse seldom watered, with the same mesmeric outcome!

Following on from the Exeter Expo came the next nerdy step, Birmingham's MCN Comic Convention, with a NEC flaaaaavour!

Highlight of the day (which there were many) had to be the Queue! Without sounding brilliantly British, never has an organised singular line format been that much fun! With every other individual dressed as they're favourite character whilst being both entertained and ridiculed by actual look-a-likes! This is a serious world certainly not to be scoffed at labelled as a childish bunch of people, these geeks mean business! Costumed freaks in my eyes have never looked so good...especially the females, if your into anything which may fall into a Sci-Fi bracket & single get yourself along with male bravado at the ready, you'll scoop up! Unless of course all you do is play computer games 24/7 & costume conceptually create, then privately get in touch I'd be happy to play wing man.

One quarm, is the over-riding  wave of Animee & Manga characters, yes they look great yet creepily embody everything that is largely odd outta Japan....stranger still is when you witness 30+ British teens Dancing in perfect time to a host of 'hits' from Japanese Cartoon Pop bands.... at this point, such behaviours make me want to flee from the scene straight back to silicone chest infested 'Glamour Zone' a land that comfortable Bra's forgot, a land where cleavage seemed to last longer than this winter! A land where nipples straddle the border line of visibility from second to second with every diaphragm flex! A land where any Female who at some point in time may have ever falshed her falsely enhanced chest within the realms of debatable popular culture...exhibits her...exhibits, leaving those who suffer with sweaty plams to sweat even more!

Readers... on that somewhat questioningly stimulating thought, until the next time Bat-Fans, dust off your finest Lycra tights and take to the rooftops as comic justice must be served in such bleak times!

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