Friday, 15 February 2013

Deepest Darkest Winter... From Vigorous Finger Snaps to Homo Trains!

My deepest n' darn est apologies go out to each and every one of you for my absolute 2013 Blogger take your hands out of pants, it's not an itch, its an infection!

Lets Blogg!

With my last article and all round journalistic Gizz i left you getting all friggin' festive. So to get fully cosy and win some absolute smoothie points, myself and the cuddle beast went daaaan to the Plymouth Pavilions for The Overtones. Those guys!!! ...That guy with the deepest sexiest voice in the world! The speakers must pretty much pinned down as his voice of pure dark velvet fires through! Singing classic love songs new & old alike in melodic styles of old, reminiscent to the Four Seasons, even Bruno Mars of late, these guys make slick look scruffy. My only criticism, being Bristol Mike within the band, who puts that extra bit of vigour into every single foot slide of finger click, which you may think aaahhh shut ya silly trap up, but once noticed against the other chaps...unnoticeable! However, i want to be an overtone! Partially gay for them, even mike the aggressive clicker!

Burlesque sleepover you saaayy??? For Christmas you saaay?!?(Yes....Sarge...YES!)
A seasonal slap around the chops of all things naughty, festive and a whole world of jingling belles! Now there is truly no need for me to give you the full low down, as regular visitors to this page (i encourage you to spend less time on the net) you fully appreciate how good Kinky & Quirky's Burly Q Devonian Romps actually are.Alongside the UK's leading Dita Von Tease Tribute, an intoxicating Russian turned Californian Essex comedic sexual Phoo Phoo Scrating Genius, a Christmas tree with exposing breasts and an informed take on classical music, comes this.... The major learning point from this delightful and charismatic event is that if you've never seen or heard Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer....your a twonk! You Tube the champion and leading light within the very tweed world of Chap Hop right now! This folks i assure you....will educate, enlighten & expose you to an unparallelled delight. Can't rate this performer highly enough...not that i need to, with one of his next booking being the BRIT Awards after-party....what a room that shall be!

Standard fresh new years vibes have bitten every fun loving and yearning bit of me.....the standard stinking January response....The Theatre.

The last few months at The Princess Theatre, Torquay have been an elaborate eclectic mix to say the very least. Firstly came The Rocky Horror Show...we all know what utter madness that embodies, as if a swirling majestically transsexual tropical storm hits! Every time the brainchild of the very same presenter of the crystal maze, consistently delivers with its wonderful yet cring worthy mix of appalling behaviour and the maddest plot ever....always absolute diiiirty chuckles. Who knew....that seeing Roxanne Pallet from TV getting kissed on the tuppence by an Alien Tranny would so chuffing enjoyable!

Then came the skating trains of a retro future....the starlight express. Never in all of my event attending days i have i experience such striking staging and innovative use of technology combined into and at the very core of quite an old timer of a show.....on bleeedin' roller skates. An all round amusing take on the modern world, classic stereo-types and homosexuality....that right homosexuality! Firstly...try making a man look like a train....not easy, an even tougher task create said character(s) to at any point available insinuate wave after wave of highly strung homosexual air humps right into the membrane. A task this show perfects. Yet somehow its a winning formula; Roller Skates + Emotive Naff Music + Mode of Humanised Public Transport + Highly Homo Innuendo = Right Royal Raging Romp fest of Musical!

I'll leave you to digest this emotional dribblesque torrent of linguistic waffle and to contemplate as to whether or not you've just experienced a new artistic yet deformed version of the English tongue.

Until the next time readers..... if your going for a paddle, make sure you wear wellies (especially you chaps!).

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