Friday, 16 November 2012

Ginger Dreadlocks to a Complete Crotch Full of Cream!


Its been a little while since my last entry, so i thought I'd come along and spank right around the chops with another awful assault on the senses.... my outrageous wranglings! Your probably thinking `oh yeah another one of these full of life wide boys, chirping up with how busy he is all the time!' Although in thinking such dreadful thoughts you'd be largely spot on, also slightly misguidedly too. Things i';m afraid readers have got a little tamer of late......gaaaasppp! Horror this could be Novembers only post..... before the absolute flurry of funsies' in the depths of December.

To business then. Gigs are the flavour of the month my little gossip hungry hounds of happiness. First up was a evening of wonderment at Exeter University's Great Hall with old hippy, `I'm gonna hug everybody' Newton Faulkner. The man.... to be frightfully an absolute Ginger Wet Dream! The things that chap can do with a guitar, lyrics and even ad-libbing during some more tender moments are ruddy untold! I'm personally always baffled with how shy singers/musicians are when it comes to the simple act of talking, they warble and sing the roof off like a right mutha'licker, yet a ickle bit of chitty chatter over a mic stand....utterly awkward....usually. Yet here with Captain Dreadlocks Faulkner....I'd more than happily pay just for Story time with Newton. True to form a journey through his body of works was an absolute musical experience, one leaving you wanting to hug the heck outta everybody! Potentially the most underrated artist to ever grace our baffling British music scene?

My foooooooking favourite time of year.....Halloween!!! As an honest and up-standing chap, raised within the frameworks of religion, i know i shouldn't get so excited.....the paranormal scares the chuffing chuff juice right out of all exit holes even some entry ones too! But it's that one night of the year when everybody makes the effort with the old theming and dress up, which is certainly not anything to pass on. Overly Obviously, i spend my Halloweens with those little rascals Kinky & Quirky (The South West's Finest Burly Q Providers), this year again was the turn of the Batman Villains. Full Cast; Bane, Mr.Freeze(ME), Two-Face, Scarecrow, Riddler, Harley Quinn, Catwomen, Batwoman, Poison Ivy...admittedly we had two Catwomens, but we certainly had a lesser one! Any night with K&Q is an absolute dream and for most unless your an absolute deviant of a devilish kind, a journey into the jaw achingly unexpected! As ever, it bloomin' was.....from a Zombie blood dribbling Alice in nothing vaguely like wonderland to the artist mostly known as Prince Muff Diving a fellow performer for a face full of whipped the sexually charged track....yep, you guessed it....Cream. Yet for all the exotically exciting efforts of those to grace the stage, on a Halloween night with K&Q, it's those attending who really bring their A-games, frightening frivolous fancy dress all up in your face!I'd go as far as saying no other establishment would compete on such a night, the collaboration and freedom by forging Halloween twisted Burly Q outfits is to put it mildly, mostly genitalia stirring!

Another Gig you say???...phhorrr...bwahhh....gigs again...well i never?!?!? Said the 1850's General.
Trumpets Please!?!?!?! Cause it's only a right royal triumphant foot stomping, folk faced, darkly deep Devonian homecoming of Ben Howard! Boy...that boy can play! With his mix of mesmerically chilled freshly released Burgh Island EP tracks and usual classics which leave you wanting to either snuggle into a big pair of udders or lick the very soul of the person next to you....the guy was on top form. Along with his band, all were obviously right horny to be playing their biggest Gig on home Devonian soil to much as he brought the brilliance the crowd soaked it right up, right up em' in fact! To close the show with a Devonian flag around his neck like a heroic local freedom folk fighter truly struck a chord with his adoring and devouring fans.
Ben Howard....Devon made him so creaming....and musically dreamy!

Quickly now.... go and make yourself a cup of tea like a good chap....sit down again....and breathe! Don't worry it's all over and everything will work out just'll see. That's all I've got for so far for this nauseating and narky nosh off November....until the next time civilians..... pretend all of this was an innocent dream....and that scratchy feeling deep within your loins was my fingernails!

I'll leave with that tantalising thought.

Team Scream.

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