Friday, 26 October 2012

Uncle Tacko's Flea Circus to Up @ The 02!

Pppheeww...what a chuffing week!

There's me in my last Blogg banging on about all these exciting and engaging things i get up to....aaand Pow! Slapping me in the face like a right soggy slimeball of a Salmon....a dry spell!
Fear not fun fans and my frivalous ones...funky times all up in your face!

Last Thursday, one embarked upon a voyage through time, boobies, bit of bum, Beatrix Von Bourbon, magic, endless Canapes & Champers, hoola hoops, blues and largely an all round smoozey and very boozey evening had by all. A wonderful culture clashing and smashing night of naughtyness all exquistetly organised by the delectable Kinky & Quirky (The finest producers of all things Burlesque & Boogie), a night where the cash waving crinklies smoozed with the funsters of lot! As per usual Beatrix Von Bourbon was a wirlwind of sexuality, class & sass. Its no wonder as to why she is such a leading light within the Burlesque Breveren, also a real pleasure to meet! Asides from the waterfall of expensive booze i seemed to be paddling in, the star of the show.....Introducing Uncle Tacko's Mighty Flea Circus!!! Now this act is nothing new, yet still hilarious, especially when performed to a crowd who pay £35 at least for black fluffy gloves, i've never seen a chap look so uncomfortable and largely bemused to be told that Fleavil Canevil "is most happy in Jonathon's Crotch with a new family" whilst Tacko holds his Butterfly net to his penis....Jonathon not laughing....Matty Ford & Co = histerical!

Into the weekend of wonders just past. Breif back story to the main story, Girlfriends surprise Birthday London weekend. Any visit to our fair dirty smoggy capital city is always most welcomed by myself as its constant presents itself to me like a needy laaavely lusty London.
True to form this was a weekend full of frantic & furious Fun! Ignoring the onslaught of disgruntled dolies demostrating rasking the Tube line right up! The line Up involved; Harrods Window Licking Shopping, failing to enter the Barbican's Rain Room, Climbing The 02...thats correct the chuffing 02 Arena, Mickey Jackson By Cirque Du Soleill, Camden Taawn, The Hollywood Costume Exhibition, Disney's Fantasia at The Royal Albert Hall...and breathe readers.

With so much to chatter on about i'll pluck out the plushy highlights. Climbing the 02 could be re-deined as walking up a rashing tent in smelly blue jumpsuits that resemble the scent of post workout Jodie Marsh's Gootch! Yet the conditions could not have been more favourable with views to absolutely get sexually excited about! With the wild concuction of Sunset, Forboding growing Rainclouds & the city of London twickling her naughty little lights at us.....the city certainly was enticing sight for our hungry eyeballs to devour.

In right royal regards to the extravaganza which is the Mickey Jackson's Immortal World Tour Cirque Du Soliel styley, in my star spangled eyes, no words from any Blogg could such a production any justice....i could write a chuffin book about it! I probably have the love within my fingertips, but simply not the time.

 Until the Next Time Readers...(Post Halloween) For your next instalment of Devilishly Delectable deeds....spooky style.

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