Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I'm Bored Lets Talk About Me.

Firstly allow one to introduce oneself...

I'm an outrageous furry fun-loving, fun spanking, sexually repressed, impulsive, mostly egotistical with an absolute love of all things that stink of fun and games!

The main reasons for creating this blog are to prove that life as a student and a young man living in coastal Devon can be both eventful & engaging. A recent thought dawned on me..."Chuffing heck, ere i am, attending all of these events, gigs, gatherings and meetings with madness, i need to create a bladddy blogg" thought Matty. With future aspiration of a career within the events industry, joining the technological seedy world of bloggers seemed the naughty but natural thing to do. One great big booming online Matty World memory bank of my capers.

Not to mention the fact, i'm pretty darn sure people are going to want to be involved with the wildly strung world of Matty Fords social endeavours, adventures and exploits...it's gonna be a whole world of naughtiness, nakedness and overall jaw-dropping interest.

Watch this cyberspace for an alternative look at life inside, on and all over the rashing chops of Devon's Events Calender...or at least the happenings which i think are cool enough to attend, or those that deem me cool enough to get a ruddy invite! Club Nights...Bore right off! "Oh...i saw me a wicked little DJ set.....and did a bit of wee for myself"...none of this sort of god awful reporting shall be taking place here.

Ones writing methodology will certainly test all language & literature skills you believe or claim to have a strong grasp of. As I'm coming right at your face with a whole world of wondrous wordsmithery and an outright assault on the reading eye. Scandalous smutty humour and a twisted tale telling twist.

Blogging bloomin' babes & bums...."Here Me Now".....or at least shortly.

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