Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Experiential Expertease

We all know the great lengths that events organizers across the globe are now going to truly offer attendee’s an event that is so experiential and full of escapism that the unexpected is now to be fully expected.

Recent fantastic examples of this include the Future Cinema Project does Who Frames Roger Rabbit. An immersive journey into the Looney and Tooney world of downtown LA and an over spilling crime ravaged Toontown, I’m sure you know the script! Yet it’s a world where anything’s possible and the Future Cinema team from the very outset capture the spirit of the movie. With the bespoke design of social media platforms and website complete with instructions, allowing those planning on attending immediate entry into the very spirit of the experience. For example; http://www.inkandpaintclub.org/

The nights its self was as promised an experience like no other, a trip to Toon Town complete with crowd hassling Weasels “looking for a rabbit….have you seen him” and Toon characters hidden in every nook and cranny of the delicious Art Deco Troxy Entertainments Hall London. After surviving the queue you must bravely utter the passwoiiiird to a movie replicated digital Bongo the Doorman Guerrilla, which had to be received by a phone call to the Toon town PD. Then ambling down the corridors backstage of the Troxy (a treat in itself) you ‘accidently’ catch a glimpse of the star of show…chaps you know who, Jessica Rabbit preparing in her dressing room, adding further suspense.

Then it hits you… out of the wings and into the Ink & Paint Club full of costumed characters from the movie interacting with the equally as costumed attendee’s, quite the scene! Themed snacks, costumes, Betty Boop in black and white Lindy Hop dance Classes, Cabaret Performances, the draw dropping performance initially by a Cartoon projected Jessica Rabbit who to universal whoops and holler’s is born in the very revealing flesh. Then its Movie time, yet a version broken up with live action from the in-venue cast and pantomime style cheers, boos and hisses throughout. To Finish…well a cast lead jazz club night would probably tick the box right?...Right!

The Future Cinema Project sister project to the Secret Cinema Project runs continuously, current project being The Hotel Budapest…but remember #tellnoone. http://www.secretcinema.org/

In an extraordinarily excellent example of a month in which immersive experiences reigned supreme also lived Fuerzabruta! A touring Argentinean samba drum booming powerhouse that makes the Cirque De Soleil look and feel like a kids clown party…of course not intending any offence to clowns globally.  Held at the Roundhouse in Camden, utilizing every available space in this weirdly wonderful venue and a series of special effects to both distract and attract your attention left, right, centre, up, down and mainly up!

Evolving out of three main stunts that truly take your breath away whilst physically shoving you about the venue in a scrum like fashion. The stunts are largely senseless and without any narrative other than noise and the constant rain of confetti. Ranging from an office worker constantly running through and into objects whilst on a huge treadmill which is wheeled through the crowd….you do move! Then onto the lowering pool of human screaming mermaids which are lowered to touch…without getting wet! Then there’s the zorb which the audience themselves have to arrange over their heads to be inflated so that the performers can again jump on your heads whilst opening up holes to bungee into and pluck audience members at will.

Climaxing in somewhat tribal encore/ laser show / trance like / South American sweaty club…by this point it’s obviously raining toilet paper style confetti. Leaving this forceful, immersive and unrepentant unapologetic world your left feeling utterly spent, exhilarated, exhausted, and physically assaulted after this all out experimental war of the human senses…in all of the very best ways! Fuerzabruta is basically the most fun you can have without intoxication and keeping most of clothes on. 

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